Sogavare uses jailed Vanuatu MPs as lesson for Opposition

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has named Vanuatu as an example for his country’s Opposition to learn a valuable lesson from, when the Vanuatu Supreme Court sentenced 14 members of parliament to jail for corruption.

The East Choiseul MP pointed out that the situation in Vanuatu sets precedence for his country to learn from.

In his contribution to the Supplementary Bill which Parliament had passed last week, the PM told Parliament government was fully aware of Opposition MPs sending text messages to Ministers trying to lobby them with lucrative amount of money.

He was reported as saying,

“I can reveal names of these MPs now but I’ll leave it there.

We have copies of these text messages from Opposition Members who want to buy Ministers to join the Opposition Group to oust the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCCG) Government.

It’s time we must act as mature national leaders and stop playing politics that won’t benefit our people.

My government is now at its first quarter of his term in office to implement the billion dollar budget and DCCG is continuing with the national projects that are earmarked for some provinces in the country.

I want to assure this nation that I am not hungry for this position as prime minister, i was voted by this parliament so we must work together to serve national interest.

He said Christian churches are praying for the government to lead this nation forward and to deliver services to the custodian of the country’s resources.

Sogavare said, MPs need to work together to ensure government implement its policy objectives and intentions to deliver goods and services to the people of Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile, in the latest positive development for the jailed 14 MPs, the writer of this article personally witnessed a sweating former deputy prime minister, Moana Carcasses in short pants leaning on a ladder yesterday morning, as he water-blasted the ancient wall of the former British Prison now called the Medium Risk Correctional Centre, where he and his colleagues are held.

The writer was not allowed to enter to take pictures nor was he allowed to take pictures of the what was happening inside from the outside.

Meanwhile rumours are rife the inmates tiled the concrete floor and painted the inside themselves. The question remains as to who is funding the renovation of the facility. The Director of the Correctional Centre was not available for comment yesterday.

Posted: Friday, November 20, 2015 12:00 am

By Len Garae



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